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Studio Nekomata

Hiiragi Yuu Myuu-kun Marketable Plushie

Hiiragi Yuu Myuu-kun Marketable Plushie

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Is that....the him? The boy? The chaos child? That's right kittens: Hiiwagi Myuu has now become a marketable plushie! 🥂 The perfect shape for holding, squishing, threatening, and punting ✨

*WARNING: kittens should absolutely avoid feeding Myuu-kun past midnight, lest they want to face.....consequences

This huggable plush measures approx. 11” wide x 9” tall x 8” long (28 cm x 22.8 cm x 20.3 cm) and features embroidered detailing (including a butthole. Esteemed host of the Starlight Host Club, Hiiragi Yuu, requested that this plush have a butthole). Design by Dakuma.


Thank you for supporting a LGBT-run and woman-owned business!

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