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Studio Nekomata

Furiko Neru's Washi Tape Trio

Furiko Neru's Washi Tape Trio

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Sometimes you have to decorate your schedule so you can feel motivated even with all the lessons and tests and general business that comes from being a trainee idol. With mesmerizing patterns in bright, fun colors, this set of three washi tape is sure to draw your eyes and make your work just a little bit easier to stomach. (Item description written by Furiko Neru)

This set of three washi tape rolls each features a unique design inspired by other items in Studio Nekomata’s Furiko Neru collection. Each roll is 15 mm (0.5” inches) in width and 10 meters (approx. 33 feet) in length.

Thank you for supporting a LGBT-run and woman-owned business!

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