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Studio Nekomata

Bocchi the Ramones T-Shirt

Bocchi the Ramones T-Shirt

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Hey, Ho, Let’s go home where we can curl up in a ball and scream into the void because the world is stressful and we have anxiety

100% cotton unisex t-shirt featuring Bocchi from Bocchi the Rock, in a style parodying the iconic Ramones logo. Why the Ramones? Because after testing out ideas, this parody worked best. And like ten other people have done Weezer already.

Great for casual wear, fan events like conventions, and watching anime from the couch (no judgment).

Sizing (approximate; minor discrepancies are possible)

Small: 18” (46cm) chest width (when laid flat), 28” (71 cm) body length
Medium: 20” (51 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 29” (73.5 cm) body length
Large: 22” (56 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 30” (76 cm) body length
XLarge: 24” (61 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 31” (79 cm) body length
XXLarge: 26” (66) chest width (when laid flat), 32” (81 cm) body length
XXXLarge: 28” (71 cm) chest width (when laid flat),33” (84 cm) body length
XXXXLarge: 30” (76 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 34” (86.5 cm) body length

Thank you for supporting a LGBT-run and woman-owned business!

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