Learn More About the Nekomata Team

Founded in 2019 over ramen, Studio Nekomata is a team of three artists - Dakuma, Faerieko, and Lexiiii - dedicated to creating cute things featuring cute girls doing cute things, because girls are cute. What else would you expect from a trio of anime trash disaster lesbians?

But seriously, we strive to share, promote, and sell LGBTQ-positive and LGBTQ-created art and apparel, with a special focus on art by queer women, of queer women, for queer women. We hope to build our little studio into something special and empowering, a true celebration of gals being pals. Y’know, really really good friends.

And also eat more ramen.


Illustrator / Designer / Bear / Takanashi Kiara Simp

Dakuma is a sentient bear from Peru who spends most of her time, energy, and money simping for a certain phoenix VTuber. While she’s best known for her pixel art and her drawings of chonky lil chickens, she’s also a graphic designer, illustrator, animator, streamer, and RuPaul’s Drag Race connoisseur.

Twitter / Twitch / Instagram: @Dakuma_Art

Illustration by @stinkyjerbaks


Illustrator / Designer / Faerie / Nanashi Mumei Simp

Faerieko is a graphic designer, illustrator, and artist from DC who's been holding a pencil for as long as she can remember. Art has always been something special to her, so she decided to pursue it even in college. Her other passions include character design, good story-telling, crafts, video games, plant care, her ocs—oh, and that witchy stuff your Christian parents warned you about. She is a faerie after all.

Twitter / Tumblr / Instagram / Bluesky: @faerieko

Illustration by @beemopancake


Designer / Shop Manager / Flamingo / Nerissa Ravencroft Simp

Lexiiii (that’s Lexi with Four I’s, get it, she wears glasses, please clap) is a graphic designer who was born and raised in Florida before escaping to DC. She legally cannot talk about her day job, but in her free time, she watches anime, builds terrariums, and buys too much art. While she does contribute art and design work to Studio Nekomata, her primary role is to handle finances, manage stock, process shipments, and all those other things that aren’t fun but someone’s gotta do.

Twitter: @lexi_dot_gaypeg

Twitch / Tumblr / Bluesky / Instagram: @lexiiii_vt

Illustration by @matdesenheiro