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Studio Nekomata

Rheya Heart's Blue Dragon Booba Mousepad

Rheya Heart's Blue Dragon Booba Mousepad

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Why touch grass when you can touch boobs instead? Dragon boobs specifically. Now you can touch Dragon boobs and live to tell the tale with your own personal mousepad. Just don't end up doing anything lewd to it, or else :) Disclaimer: We’re not responsible for any of the legal stuff if you end up touching them for too long or doing something…lewd. In the best case scenario, you’ll probably be yeeted off a cliff. Or thrown into a fire. (Lovingly of course) (Description written by Rheya)

Rubber mousepad measures approx. 9” tall x 8” wide and has a silicone gel wrist rest.

Thank you for supporting a LGBT-run and woman-owned business!

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