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Studio Nekomata

Punch Racists T-Shirt

Punch Racists T-Shirt

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When dealing with racism and harassment from privileged idiots, just follow in Chuatury Panlunch’s footsteps: plant your foot, pivot your hips, and put your entire body into the punch, so that they don’t wake up for a while.

This screen-printed shirt features a PSA from everyone’s favorite poofy-haired racist-puncher, ChuChu Panlunch from Gundam Witch.

Great for casual wear, fan events like conventions, and watching anime from the couch (no judgment).

Sizing (approximate; minor discrepancies are possible)

Small: 18” (46cm) chest width (when laid flat), 28” (71 cm) body length
Medium: 20” (51 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 29” (73.5 cm) body length
Large: 22” (56 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 30” (76 cm) body length
XLarge: 24” (61 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 31” (79 cm) body length
XXLarge: 26” (66) chest width (when laid flat), 32” (81 cm) body length
XXXLarge: 28” (71 cm) chest width (when laid flat),33” (84 cm) body length
XXXXLarge: 30” (76 cm) chest width (when laid flat), 34” (86.5 cm) body length

Thank you for supporting a LGBT-run and woman-owned business!

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